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IV (intravenous) nutrient therapy has been around since the 1970s. It’s long been a favorite treatment among celebrities as a fast, effective way of delivering vitamins and nutrients. In recent years, the treatment has become more affordable and accessible to regular folk. . Allergist Feryal Hajee, MD, at Metropolitan Asthma and Allergy in Little Silver, New Jersey, is a firm advocate of IV nutrient therapy and can talk you through the benefits of the procedure. Schedule an appointment today over the phone or online.

IV Nutrient Therapy Q&A

How does IV nutrient therapy work?

IV nutrient therapy injects essential vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. By bypassing the digestive system, this method of treatment guarantees 100% cell absorption, compared to a mere 20% when a patient takes vitamins orally, and they have to pass through the digestive tract first. 

Do you get your recommended doses of vitamins and minerals? Dr. Hajee offers a comprehensive range of IV nutrition therapies to boost your immune system.  

Why happens during IV nutrient therapy?

Dr Hajee discusses your current health and creates a nutrient blend to suit your needs. She hooks you up onto an IV drip, which takes around 30-45 minutes to empty. The more dehydrated you are and the less nourished your body, the more dramatic the results. Many people find that, as they continue treatment and their body has all the goodness it needs, nutrient therapy becomes more about maintaining excellent health than seeing any further visible differences.

Whether you need a mood pick-me-up, a boost of antioxidants, more consistent physical performance, or to increase your defense against colds and viruses, book in with Dr. Hajee for an instant dose of wellness.

How often should you have IV nutrient therapy?

People turn to  IV nutrient therapy because their diet lacks the vitamins and minerals it needs to function optimally. IV nutrient therapy provides vital nutrients, giving you healthy, glowing skin and shiny hair, and enabling the body to protect itself from germs. Because of the high concentration delivered, most physicians recommend no more than two IV nutrient therapy treatments per month, with two to three weeks between each session. 

Metropolitan Asthma and Allergy has an IV infusion suite in which you can receive IV therapy tailored to your nutritional needs.

Who should not have IV nutrient therapy?

IV nutrient therapy isn’t suitable for anyone with kidney disease as they can’t quickly remove minerals from the body, which could result in a heart attack. Likewise, anyone who has heart, kidney, or blood pressure disorders can have heart failure if they take on too many fluids. 

IV nutrient therapy is fast becoming a popular treatment among those with hectic schedules and busy lives. Metropolitan Asthma and Allergy offer a suite of IV nutrient therapies to address all nutritional concerns. Book a consultation today through the online booking tool, or call the practice.